Better Business Burea


Dear Mr. Fehr:

Your Better Business Bureau Serving Western Ontario welcomes you as a BBB Accredited Business and as a valuable partner in upholding marketplace integrity and trust. We can best accomplish this mission by working closely with like-minded businesses such as yours that understand its importance. BBB Accreditation is a coveted honour earned by selected businesses and non-profit organizations. Congratulations to you for meeting the strict ethical standards established by BBB!

By showing The Sign of a Better Business*, you will demonstrate your ethics and integrity to consumers as they search for quality information in order to make better buying decisions.

Next Steps with Your BBB Accreditation
To make the most of the opportunity to share your news and connect with consumers online here is a quick checklist to make sure you are on track with your BBB Accreditation:

– Install the BBB Dynamic Seal on your website.
– Display the BBB Seal at your business.
– Claim Your Business Review
– Share the news on all social media channels.
– Follow BBB Western Ontario on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more to get the latest news and alerts!

Don’t forget to proudly display the BBB Accredited Business Seal. After all, demonstration of ethical business practices has never been more important to your customers, employees, suppliers, and the community you service. More importantly, it sets you apart from other companies in the marketplace.

On behalf of myself, BBB staff, and Board of Directors, welcome to BBB, and thank you for your commitment to ethics in our marketplace.   


Jennifer Matthews