Car Wash FAQs

Frequently asked questions about keeping your vehicle clean often revolve around effective cleaning tips that ensure a pristine appearance while maintaining your vehicle's value.

/ Frequently asked questions and car cleaning tips

To maintain your vehicle in the best possible condition, we recommend a full-service clean once every 30-45 days and exterior washes as needed.

Hand wash takes 15-20 minutes.

IMMEDIATELY! Bug residue and bird droppings form acids which eat away at the surface of your paint. As little as ONE DAY in hot weather with direct sun can cause damage. Depending on how bad the damage is, we may be able to reverse it with a Chamois Shine.

Detailing services take approx. 3-4 hours per package.

While your owner’s manual will specify frequent washing, waxing and interior cleaning, the reality is that the more you use your vehicle, the more frequently it should be detailed. Waxing should occur every 6 months (twice a year), Shampooing an interior cleaning every 4-6 months (2-3 times a year). One of our detailers would be more than happy to help create a plan to keep your vehicle clean!

For detail services, you can make an appointment and a detailer will be able to tell you when it will be ready for pickup. For wash services, we recommend that you wait for your vehicle and pick it up immediately.

When wax is applied to your vehicle, it will feel smooth and silky. Once your paint begins to feel “rough” it will require the contaminants to be removed and wax re-applied. Depending on how frequently you wash your vehicle and if it is parked outside, wax will last 3-6 months, on average.

This is the process of removing all contaminants such as tar, sap, road paint, brake dust, & rail dust safely from the surface of your vehicle. Failing to remove these contaminants may allow for your paint to become damaged.

Waxing is simply a level of protection to help reduce possible paint damage from bugs, bird droppings, etc. Polishing involves the use of a mildly abrasive polishing compound to correct paint damage and then bring your paint to a high gloss. Polishing is recommended to correct some paint damage. A detailer will be more than happy to evaluate your vehicle.

Do you want your car to look like it’s just come out of the showroom? You need ceramic coating. This new trend in car care provides super-slick and glossy paint protection with high level durability, hardness/chemical resistance which will last for years! Option 1: Do it yourself coating that lasts 3 to 6 months with a very simple process to apply. Option 2: is recommended only for professionals because it involves in a total paint contamination and paint correction as well as a longer process to install the Coating. (Comes with installation warranty).