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Car washing services have evolved beyond mere water and soap, entering a realm where meticulous care and advanced techniques are paramount.

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Fehr Car Wash offers a range of comprehensive services that cater to all your vehicle’s needs. Our team of skilled technicians is well-versed in the art of automotive care and utilizes cutting-edge techniques to ensure your satisfaction. Trust us by providing top-notch care for your beloved vehicle; let us exceed your expectations today!

Ceramic Coating

Our team of skilled technicians utilizes cutting-edge technology and premium quality ceramic coatings to ensure long-lasting results that will exceed your expectations.

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Paint Correction

Fehr Car Wash takes immense pride in its exceptional paint correction services, catering to discerning car owners who seek nothing but perfection for their beloved vehicles.

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Window Tinting

With our expert window tinting techniques, we ensure that harmful UV rays are blocked from entering your car's interior, protecting you and your upholstery.

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Replace Windshield

Keep your car looking brand new with Fehr Car Wash's professional windshield replacement services.

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Dent Removal

We provide specialized solutions for the removal of minor dents without compromising the vehicle's paint finish.

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Upholstery Repair

Whatever the cause, upholstery issues can significantly diminish the visual appeal and value of your vehicle.

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Car Wash Services

We offer a range of car wash services that cater to your needs, ensuring an immaculate and glossy finish.

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We service Kingsville, Essex, Wheatley, Leamington, and surrounding areas.